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Annual Report 2022/23


Primary Health Awards

It was a pleasure to host our first Primary Health Awards ceremony in the south western area of our region. The Primary Health Awards recognise and commend the exceptional achievements of healthcare professionals and organisations that are improving the health and wellbeing for all. The ten award recipients and finalists exemplified their commitment to enhancing wholistic healthcare, embracing innovative practices, and fostering partnerships within the Central and Eastern Sydney region.  

Strategy Workshop 2022

The annual strategy workshop on 15 October 2022 was held at the CESPHN office for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic started. The face-to-face format was welcomed by participants and provided opportunities to collaborate and inform CESPHN’s future service delivery in three priority areas. Discussions influenced the development of the CESPHN Healthy Ageing strategy, our work around the primary healthcare reforms and implementation of new initiatives related to improving mental health. 


CESPHN is supporting the community to have a stronger voice in our work. voices4health is the place where people living in central and eastern Sydney can register to be involved in decision-making conversations about the health needs and services in the area where they live. To enable more community representation, we will work with individual people in the community to build up their knowledge and skills to participate in consultations, co-design of services and become community representatives on our Councils.

Stakeholder Feedback

The results of the October 2022 stakeholder engagement survey were positive and showed a 23 per cent satisfaction rate increase from our allied health stakeholders (59 per cent completely or very satisfied)  and 12 per cent from general practice (71 per cent completely or very satisfied).

Community organisations showed an increase in satisfaction of 6 per cent (80 per cent completely or very satisfied) and stakeholders working for Local Health Districts (LHDs), Local Health Networks (LHNs), universities, and residential aged care also showed a 6 per cent increase in satisfaction (70 per cent completely or very satisfied) . Overall, around 70% of respondents highlighted they were either very or completely satisfied with our performance in the past 12 months.