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Annual Report 2022/23

GP CanShare


GPCanShare is implemented within 6 major treatment centres and delivered by Sydney Local Health District, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District and St Vincent’s Heath Network.  

The GPCanShare program aims to:  

  • Strengthen integration between cancer and palliative care specialists, community services and general practices. 
  • Enhance capability of general practice to effectively manage and care for their cancer patients. 

Key Achievements

  • Over 2000 patients enrolled in GPCanShare, with greater access to services based on their specific healthcare needs during cancer treatment, survivorship and palliative care.  
  • Over 800 GPs involved in GPCanShare, providing GPs a direct link to the patient’s acute treatment team.  

GPCanShare Success

“This has been the most useful service I’ve come across and the thing is, it's hard to sell services to GPs. They’re so under the hammer but once you know about the service, you can really help facilitate people’s treatment. It also saves you time because the coordinators do pick the ball up.”


“It gives you more ease and reassurance with the appointments, what is required of you before specialist appointments and it’s easier to liaise with the team on any matter whatsoever.”


“It helps to build my confidence and encourages positiveness, should be offered to all patients.”