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Annual Report 2022/23

Digital health

The number of practices participating in the Practice Incentives Program Quality Improvement Incentive (PIP QI) increased and we now have 96 per cent of our accredited practices participating in this program.

The total number of practices using secure messaging is 534, meaning that 93% of general practices in the CESPHN region now use a secure messaging solution.    

The number of general practices registered with My Health Record increased to 497 in 2023 (from 489 in 2022). Registered interest in the HealthDirect Video Call service jumped from 175 to 194 primary care users and from 42 to 44 non primary care users during FY 2023.  

The number of practices and pharmacies now offering e-prescribing is

General Practices
Medical Specialists
Community Organisation (Headspace)

CESPHN’s Digital health strategic plan 2022-2025 seeks to support the delivery of digital health solutions that improve standards of care by health care providers to health consumers. Significant changes in Digital Health: eReferrals /HealthLink Smartforms: 468 GPs sent 98,003 e-referrals in FY 2023 compared to 430 GPs sending 58,176 e-referrals in FY 2022. 

eReferrals /HealthLink Smartforms technology allows health professionals to refer directly from their Best Practice, Medical Director and Genie software. Sydney LHD (SLHD) now have eReferrals to more than 72 hospital clinics in the region. Since inception, eReferrals have been increasing with usage among GPs increasing from 3,716 sent in FY 2022 to 11,657 in FY 2023 averaging 1,075 per month. 

We supported the Australian Digital Health Agency to pilot Provider Connect Australia (PCA), which is a single place to update business information that reduces duplication and streamlines notifications. Healthcare provider organisations can use PCA to provide consistent, up-to-date information about healthcare services to funders, health service directories, communications services and other key partners, and ultimately save valuable time.  


We supported 90 Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) to procure telehealth equipment tailored to their unique needs, and with education and training to adopt digital health tools such as My Health Record. Our work to increase the availability and use of telehealth for RACF residents is an important strategy improving the health outcomes of senior Australians and reducing pressure on the health system.  

“My experience with help from CESPHN's digital support team has been clear, concise and very well supported at all stages in my attempts to achieve accreditation. I have received help of the highest quality at all times and am grateful for the ongoing support.”

Dr Anurag Verma