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Annual Report 2022/23

Joint Planning

Central and Eastern Sydney Mental Health Suicide Prevention Regional Plan

The Central and Eastern Sydney Regional Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan was developed with our partners in 2018. Implementation commenced in 2019 and this first plan concluded in June 2022. The Regional Plan aimed to improve mental and physical health and the wellbeing of people with (or at risk of) mental health issues, or at risk of suicide.  

During the past 12 months we have reviewed the impact of the plan’s implementation and evaluated its effectiveness. Of the 97 actions outlined in the plan, 84 per cent of these were assessed as being completed or a substantial progress being made against implementation. Implementation was undertaken collaboratively through activities by the committees and working groups, or through individual activities by partners. This contributed to significant developments in the provision of mental healthcare resources, tools, and services in the CESPHN region. 

A review of the implementation process was undertaken using an inductive analysis of a focus group with our partners and supporting documentation. This resulted in the following recommendations. 

  • Moving beyond collaboration  
  • Introducing complimentary state-based mechanisms  
  • Prioritising access to data  
  • Jointly funded deliverables  
  • Innovative problem solving  
  • Diverse and strategic partnerships.  
  • Authentic engagement with lived experience representatives. 

These recommendations will be taken on board as we develop the next iteration of the Regional Plan together with our partners. Two of the Regional Plan working groups have been focused during the year on progressing this. The new plan will include the work we will be doing together under the National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Agreement. Our thanks are extended to all those involved with this process. 

Regional Plan Collaborations